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Volunteers from the L5P community and those who love L5P have dedicated their time and expertise to stand up a new unified organization for Little 5 Points. The board of directors serve on the executive committee and as committee chairs.

The first year is focused on creating the structure and foundation of the L5P Alliance. The second year is implementation of membership, the Findley Plaza Activation Plan and vote on the first elected board of directors for the L5P Alliance.


President: Mike Rabb, L5PBA, Corner Tavern Owner & 25+ year Candler Park Resident

Co-Vice Presidents: Kelly Stocks, Commercial Property Owner, L5PCID Member & 40+ year Candler Park Resident (At-Large) and Chris Curley, Inman Park Neighborhood Association (IPNA) Representative and 25+ year Inman Park Resident

Treasurer: Ahzjah Simons, L5PBA, GM of Sevananda:

Secretary: Christina Hodgen, Candler Park Neighborhood Organization (CPNO) Representative and 11 year Candler Park Resident:


Transportation & Walkability Co-Chairs: Walter Brown, L5PCID Vice Chair, long time Candler and Inman Park Resident and Joseph Hacker, Candler Park Resident and CPNO representative.

Security: Liz McCurtain, Little 5 Alive, Inman Park Resident

Beautification: Scott Pendergast, Commercial Property Owner, L5PCID Member, L5PCID Board Member

Membership & Development Adviser: Don Bender, Commercial Property Owner, Long time Candler Park Resident and Co-founder of Little 5 Points Community Pub in 1977

Programming: Rachel Parish, Little 5 Alive and Little Five Arts Alive. Owner of Firehouse Creative

Community Outreach: Julie Odem, Founder of Instagram L5PATL, Photographer

Governance Co-Chairs: Al Caproni, Inman Park Neighborhood Association Representative and long time resident and Ben Findley, At-Large, Grandson of Mr. Findley of Findley Plaza.

(Proxy) Candler Park Neighborhood Organization Representative: Lindy Kerr

(Proxy) Inman Park Neighborhood Association Representative: Jonathan Miller