LCI Grant Submitted!

The Little 5 Points Community Improvement District (L5PCID) submitted a Livable Center Initiative (LCI) supplemental grant application with Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) on Friday, March 29, 2019.

The supplemental grant was for The Little Five Points Smart Mobility Improvement Project with a Study Project Cost of $315,000. This is for a Proposed Local Match (60%) of $190,000 that will come from the City of Atlanta’s TSPLOST funds for design of Euclid Avenue. The project location extents: Moreland Avenue from Dekalb Avenue to Mansfield and Euclid Avenue from Austin Avenue to Candler Street. Also includes parts of Seminole, Austin, Sinclair, Colquitt, Washita, Euclid Terrace, and Josephine Streets.

If awarded the grant, which will be announced in Summer 2019, the Little 5 Points Alliance will then create a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a design firm to hold community engagement session regarding the project. The entire process can be up to 24 months. The goal is to have shovel ready designs for Euclid Avenue when city and state funding is available.

Supplemental Study Area

Final SHORT FORM Application Submitted on 3.29.19

Final LONG FORM Application Submitted on 3.29.19

Final Application Support Materials: Documents, Photos, Letters of Support submitted on 3.29.19

LCI Project List Version 4