Committees Get Started

February marks the beginning of committee meetings for the new unified organization of Little 5 Points. The board of directors made great use of January by planning two upcoming committee meetings as well as ongoing efforts on the Findley Plaza redesign project with the L5PCID.

Anyone who signed up at our December 6th launch party has been invited via email and we welcome more engagement. If you are interested in attending, please email Jennifer at by Friday February 22nd. All meetings are also on our website calendar.

Beautification Committee Meeting: Tuesday February 26, 2019 at 5:30pm

L5 Corner Tavern, 1174 Euclid Avenue

Scott Pendergrast is the chair of the Beautification Committee as well as a commercial property owner/manager in Little 5 Points.  

We'll be covering the current status of clean up in L5P, your ideas for beautification projects, and assignments for the Remove Stickers & Make Art Project. The committee will determine the timeline and the next meeting date.

Our goal is to enlist volunteers  to take an active role in sprucing up L5P while having fun and making a difference for everyone who loves Little 5 Points.

Transportation Engagement Meeting: Wednesday February 27, 2019 at 6:00pm

Marianna Room @ The Wrecking Bar Brewpub, 92 Moreland Ave NE

Let’s envision a new, improved Euclid Avenue together! The Transportation & Walkability Committee invites you to learn about the most recent news regarding transportation projects that affect Little 5 Points and participate in a creating a new vision for Euclid Avenue as well as other transportation related issues.  

The Little 5 Points Community Improvement District (L5PCID) and The Little 5 Points Alliance intends to submit a proposal for an ARC Livable Center Initiative Grant for a supplemental study of the Moreland Corridor LCI.  This means extracting portions of the Moreland LCI, such as Euclid Avenue, and further exploring planning and implementation solutions.

This meeting will inform the proposal for the grant as well as discovery for a strategic work plan. By getting community input and information before the proposal is written or submitted, it will help ensure that all stakeholders and lovers of L5P are creating a new vision together. If the grant is awarded, the Little 5 Points Alliance will hold a formal Request for Proposal process to execute the supplemental study.

Committee co-chairs, Walter Brown and Joseph Hacker, L5PCID Executive Director, Lauren Welsh will lead the meeting along with the Little 5 Points Alliance board of directors.

If you are interested in attending, please email Jennifer at by Friday February 22nd. All meetings are also on our website calendar.